Compliance Program Review and Internal Audit

If you listen carefully to the steady stream of information and guidance flowing from regulatory agencies, the unrelenting message is that investment firms must test their supervisory procedures regularly and demonstrate a disciplined approach to managing their business risks.

One of the best methods for accomplishing these two very important goals is to enlist objective, independent resources to evaluate your compliance protocol and conduct a risk assessment.

Encore Group provides you with an expert compliance overview to identify regulatory and business risk, specifically:

  • Impartial compliance review, testing and mock audits to determine where your firm may be at risk
  • Comprehensive risk assessment to isolate issues and internal control deficiencies
  • Prompt identification of potential regulatory issues
  • Professional, practical solutions tailored to your business


New SEC or State RIA Application

Completing a new registered investment application takes considerable time, even after the important aspects of the business have been identified. Navigating new forms, electronic filing systems and licensure requirements, as well as constructing pragmatic compliance systems, policies and procedures can be daunting goals for inexperienced staff or maximized resources. Managing regulatory deadlines and resolving staff development issues for expeditious application approval requires practical experience and industry background not typically available in a new business venture.

Encore Group provides you with expert compliance experience to efficiently navigate the new adviser SEC or State application processes. By managing the application project with key contributors from the business, Encore assists in any and all areas of the membership application process, specifically:

  • Filing of Form ADV Part 1 & 2A with applicable schedules and preparation of Form ADV Part 2B to accurately report business organization and types of business to be conducted
  • Establishing a comprehensive compliance program including Written Supervisory Procedures and a Code of Ethics that meets regulatory requirements
  • On-site support for implementation of required books and records


Regulatory Initiative Gap Analysis

For the foreseeable future, registered investment advisers will face increased regulatory obligations. As new regulatory requirements are introduced, it is critical for advisory firms to stay ahead of each initiative, understanding the business gaps and identifying the business impact. Clear gap analysis, along with a prioritized firm response, will be critical as registered investment advisers contend with heightened regulatory scrutiny. Additional resources to assist in answering a single need or one-time response are not typically available on a day to day basis.

Encore Group provides you with expert compliance experience to efficiently assist in all areas of regulatory initiative gap analysis, specifically:

  • Developing a thorough regulatory gap analysis between existing business protocol and new/amended regulatory requirements
  • Identifying clear business priorities to meet a new regulation
  • Assisting in the development of new policy
  • Creating practical procedures that accurately reflect business risk and business size
  • Coaching to develop staff proficiencies and ownership in new requirements